Friday, January 30, 2015

Jim's Randonneuring Tips

I got this request last month:

>>As much as I like reading your travel logs (and I do, especially when you get lost or pedals fail), I'd be really grateful (truly) for a "Jim's Randonneuring Tips" series.  What to eat.  How to train.  Gear.  Problems to look out for.  How to navigate. 200K is tough but look out when you try 400K.  This stuff breaks but don't worry about…..  Stuff like that...<<

My first advice to anyone looking for lessons learned is look to two place first:
- - The international email group for randonneurs
- The RUSA Handbook.  The latest edition was just published.

Nonetheless, I was asked again.  I am warming up to the request.  My thought is to write some comments before each brevet this year, about either the distance or the route.

This being the off-season, I'll post some comments about off-season training this week.

To be clear, I wasn't asked to write about what will necessarily will work for everybody.  I was asked to write about what worked for me.  Perhaps that will inform your choices.

Jim Logan
RBA, Pittsburgh

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