Sunday, October 2, 2011

Preliminary 2012 Pittsburgh Randonneuring calendar

Date                      Distance               Type                                      Comments Route
Sat 17-Mar          100 km                  RUSA populaire                Dan G to route
Sat 31-Mar          200 km                  ACP brevet                         Spring 200 km
Sun 8-Apr Easter (Fleche time!)
Sat 21-Apr           300 km                  ACP brevet                         Roach motel 300 km
Sat 28-Apr           100 km                  RUSA populaire                Same route as 3/17
Sat 28-Apr WPW Spring kickoff?
Sat 5-May Calvins Challenge
Sat 12-May         400 km                  ACP brevet                         Pgh-Erie-Pgh
Sat 26-May         600 km                  ACP brevet                         Pgh-Erie-Pgh+200km
Sat 16-Jun           200 km                  RUSA brevet                      AMCUP 200 km Ohiopyle-Cumberland-Ohiopyle
Sat 14-Jul             200-ish km           RUSA brevet                      there… Dan B to route
Sun 15-Jul            200-ish km           RUSA brevet                      and back (east or west?) Dan to route
Fri 3-Aug              1000 km               RUSA brevet                      Dan B to route
Sat 18-Aug          100 km                  RUSA populaire                Bike Fest populaire ??? Brian to route ???
Sat 18-Aug          200 km                 RUSA brevet                      Bike Fest brevet Dan B to route
Sat 6-Oct              200 km                 RUSA brevet                      River Valleys or TBD

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